Our production of wood - metal - plastic or graphic products based on the Japanese concept of Kaizen (or TPS - Toyota Production System).

Our first priority here, "Use your brain - not your wallet" (use your brain - not your wallet). This "Kaizen" philosophy is a cornerstone of our success.

We look back on a truly fantastic year 2011. Yello tools now employs 22 people in Germany and the United States. Our revenue curve continues to rise steadily, and our portfolio is growing.

So far so good. But why this happens in a prolonged economic crisis, in which all complain about shrinking margins and stiff competition?

The answer is: LEAN THINKING! Lean Thinking is not a religion or a seminar that you can visit. Lean thinking describes a way of thinking that the professional and private life can improve considerably.

This thinking now flows for more than 3 years in everything we do. "Improve your life for at least 2 seconds every day," is the guiding principle in Kaizen (the Japanese version of LEAN). Only then can we the ever growing pressure of competition and withstand Haelst your company fit for the future.

culture and thinking of this not only flows in the veins of our own production, but also to the basic ideas of our products for you. We wish with all my heart that you, dear friends of Yello tools grows and passes all endurance tests with flying colors. Only then can we continue to grow and develop in the future sell our products.

We have your "MUDA's" (Japanese for "wastage") in the eye, and try to solve problems directly right there. We pay meticulous attention to usability - the value of our ideas. Wherever it is necessary to save pointless vergeudetete time - is the right leverage point for products from Yello tools . KAIZEN LEAN is

or more. Please visit it out in our production in Windeck experienced one of the most motivated, friendly and effective team I have ever seen. My team is one of the best in the world, in which each individual is considered important in the development of the whole and taken seriously.

We cordially invite you to transfer our success to you and to consolidate your economic development to strengthen and make better.

are therefore also not bad when you reach the morning 8:30 to 9:00 clock on the answering machine tools Yello – meets every morning at this time, the entire team to analyze any errors, dan workflow to improve systems and to define tasks and tools to improve Yello – Every day a little bit more ...

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