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PlottJoggle 3er Set

The genius alignment aid for Digital Prints, PRINT JOGGLE, also was a huge
success right from the beginning.
But our customer, Hermann W. Mader (Brainstorm Werbetechnik, Germany)
reminded us, again, that the “great old-school Signmaking” is still more than
alive, and he asked for such an alignment aid also for plotted vinyl.
Thank you, Hermann - it´s done!
Three identical, shiftable acrylic-glass scales now make even this kind of work a
breeze. Simply place two of the “Joggles” at the lower part of your sign
and move the scales up to the desired position of your letters. Just slide your
plot underneath the clear arms to the perfect aligned position. You can use
PlottJoggle No. 3 to fi nd the perfect distance from left or right.
Simply genius - geniusly simple :)

Price: per set
Product Type: alignment
Included: 3 pcs
PlottJoggle 3er Set

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PlottJoggle 3er Set
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