Product no.: YT14YAS

YelloApplication Set

Application set for signs and graphics

The perfect combination recommendation for an ingenious workflow! You have to align a sign again and you can't see the sign what is under your pressure? Therefore your pressure slides back and forth while trying to align it :-( In this application set we have packed all the tools you need for perfect and easy application!

Align signs and graphics with the Yellotools application set

Place your graphic on your sign and with the help of the PrintJoggle you can align your graphic perfectly. To prevent your print from bending, simply place the HeavyHolder on top of it to fix it. Before that you cut the backing paper with the BodyGuard Knife. The BodyGuard Knife is available in many different versions. Large graphics can be applied ingeniously and easily with the TimberMaxx. This is available here in the 80cm version, if you need other sizes, take a look at our TimberMaxx family :-)

This set consists of:

  •     1x PrintJoggle BasicSet
  •     1x HeavyHolder
  •     1x BodyGuardKnife
  •     1x TimberMaxx 80cm

Yellotools – Innovation für Werbetechnik und CarWrapping

Material: Wood , steel , acryl glass
Price: per set
Product Type: Knife , alignment , weight , Wooden squeegee
Included: 5 tlg.
YelloApplication Set

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YelloApplication Set

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