Product no.: YT17YRMTH060

YelloRoller Maxx 60 TwinHandle

People often wonder how we can offer our TimberMaxx extra large wooden squeegees but not have anything as big with a roller. Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer!  Introducing our newest DBS Product! Straight from the Yellotools “Brew House” our “Brew Master” Stephan Engel has succeeded perfectly in creating our very own XXL Roller! Measuring 23.6” The YelloRoller Maxx features a centered grip for ideal pressure distribution with our rear mounted support wheel so you can keep on rollin without a sore wrist or forearm!

The rollers have a Shore hardness of 65A.

Available as:
YelloRoller Maxx 30 - 30 cm Long roller
YelloRoller Maxx 60 - 60 cm Long roller - with one handle
• YelloRoller Maxx 60 TwinHandle - with two handles
YelloRoller Maxx 60 Duo - with a support roller - for ideal pressure


Material: Aluminium , rubber
Width: 60 cm
Price: per piece
Product Type: pressure roller
YelloRoller Maxx 60 TwinHandle

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YelloRoller Maxx 60 TwinHandle
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