Product no.: YT12YRP05

YelloRoller Plain 50

Many satisfied Customers of the FlexRulers asked for an additional but more inexpensive Version of our Rollers. Often they have Jobs outside or on jobsites where it´s dirty and they wanted to keep their „good-one´s“ at home and work with a „Plan B“. But they don´t want to abandon the high quality Rolls and the perfect rolling characteristics. We also got this and our solution is a economical version with angled Plastic-Handles. This Set is perfect for the rough Tasks outside and at Jobs where the risk of getting dirty is high.

  • Ball-bearing mounted High-Performance Rolls
  • Top-quality workmanship
  • Optimized rolling-characteristics
  • High durable Craftsmen-Quality
  • Two Shores available
  • Five different Rollsizes

Material: fibreglass plastic , rubber
Width: 50 mm
Price: per piece
Features: Ergonomic
Product Type: pressure roller , pressure roller
YelloRoller Plain 50
Product Design:

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YelloRoller Plain 50

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