Pressure Roller for professional Sign Making

Yellotools' pressure roller offer everything a Sign Maker desires. In our Sign Making Shop you will find numerous applicator rollers that cover every possible application. Find now the right pressure roll for you in the right roll hardness and roll length. [read more]

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Two Applicator Rollers in one - Our Twin-Roller for relaxed application

With the YelloRoller Duo we have developed a pressure roller that keeps your muscles completely relaxed at work. This Twin-Roller does not cause any muscle tension even with large surfaces. Thanks to the ball-bearing high-performance rollers, optimum smooth-running properties of our press rollers are achieved and maneuvering remains direct and flexible.

Working with the Press Roll can be so relaxing :)

The XXL Pressure Roller – Sign Making Tool of the extra class

If you have to work on big signs in the Sign Making technology again, you will certainly like our XXL pressure roller. The YelloRoller Maxx series offers you the right applicator roller, up to a length of 60 cm.

Great deeds require large Sign Maker Tools :)

The flexible pressure roller - high performance roller from Yellotools

The YelloRoller Flexi series consists of Angle Rollers, which are flexibly adjustable. The roller handle can be adjusted in three different positions. This not only allows you different uses of your new applicator roller, but also protects your tendons and muscles. And yet these angle pressure rollers are also available in two degrees of hardness.

Those who prefer the simpler version of the pressure roller should take a closer look at the YelloRoller Plain series.

And if you have to use the pressure roll again on extremely structured surfaces, our YelloThin Foam Wheel will be the right sign maker tool for you.

A little tip from us: With the sign maker pouch system YelloGear you stow your new Pressure Rollers quite appropriate.

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