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Cutting with Steel Blades (Robin Boes, Germany)


Even with all those technological achievements like Knifeless-tape or WrapCut,
if you work with self-adhesive vinyls you will get to the point where you have to use a knife. Period.

But which one to choose? Also this question can´t be answered in a common way. The key is,
to choose the blade matching the task. That´s why we want to offer you a small tour through the world of the different steels and blades.

Most of the blade-manufacturers have their very own “secret recipe” of how their steel is cooked together.
Most manufactures use a certain ALLOY (which means a combination of different kinds of steels), where they also add CARBON.

Against the widely held theory, there is no such thing as a PURE CARBON Blade out there.
It´s ALWAYS an alloy of steel WITH Carbon.

To harden the blades, they shock-frost the Steel. It´s called Ice-Hardening.
Some of the blades get a special treatment on top.
They are “Hard-substance coated” such as Titan-Nitrit (Tin),
which for example gives the cutting edge a golden-ish shine.

But the final sharpness of a blade is due to the angle of the sharpening. The sharper the angle – the sharper the blade.
But the downside of that is, the sharper the angle – the thinner is the edge.
Which leads to the fact, that the Bladesharpness won´t last as long the thinner the blade is.

To extend the duration of sharpness, the industry coats the blades with those hard-substances (TiN etc.).
That works pretty well, but this coating rounds up the edge a little bit and “dulls” the blade itself again.
That leads again in loosing some of the sharpness.

You see: Extreme sharpness doesn´t go together with durability or vice versus: Durable blades are not really that sharp.

One of the leading Application Trainer Robin Boes recommends to use hardened,
extremely sharp blades for all cuts on sensible surfaces (such as painted surfaces on cars or objects).
He teaches to hold the blade in a maximum flat angle to the surface and use as much tact as you can feel in your fingertips.

Avoid cutting through the medium and change the blade very often.

Robin points out, that the meanest “Killer of Sharpness” is Paper! He mention to think twice if you cut big chunks of the roll,
if you really need to get your blade all the way out of the Knife or if you really need to use expensive blades for this part of the Job.

Michael Althoff:

Since we are aware of those facts, we decided to carry two different qualities of blades in our range.
Of course, it´s recommended to have three different qualities in your pocket,
but No.1 (the standard hardened, carbon treaded steel blade) is in your box anyway
and is available in every home improvement store around the globe.
You will get better prices in large discount stores than in any WrapSupply Company.

But No.2 and No.3 is a different Story! Those are some really specific Alloys.

Our “Black Blade” is an intelligent combination between Special Blade Steel,
certain Alloys and a customized cut geometry which is made to provide extreme sharpness.

Our “Titan Blade” is an adjusted Blade Steel/Alloy Mix along with a Titan-Nitrit coating and
a slightly different cut geometry which makes the sharp Cutting Edge pretty durable.

The Wrap-Institute Slogan “NEVER STOPP LEARNING” really applies to this topic! Please stay curious,
try new materials, change the cutting angles on test objects,
change or snap off the blades as often as you can and stay open for different techniques!

Here to mention is the new ceramic blade technology. There are not that many Manufacturers yet,
but applicators say that the duration of sharpness is way longer than the steel versions but the technology
of having different cut angles is still in process. There are some Nap-off Blades out there and us as a supplier
of one manufacturer can say, that they getting more and more popular. A lot users which bought them once,
reorder them more and more. Build your own opinion and get yours today to test.

( YelloCase BladeSet  from Yellotools)


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