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Platin Laser

The preparatory work is the most important thing in Car Wrapping!

Not only the human, but also the tool is crucial for the quality of Vehicle Foiling. Anyone who has ever come to the benefit of a laser spirit level would not want to miss it when Car Wrapping. Once properly positioned, the Platin Laser beams a perfectly straight laser line onto the surface to be foiled. Even bumps do not interfere with this, which is why it can be used on all lettering in your workshop, on customer vehicles or on the construction site.

Time is money - this also applies to Vehicle Foiling and Signmaking Technicians

With this small wonder weapon, the positioning and assembly in the professional Vehicle Foiling and in the Signmaking technology is possible with minimal time and effort, even on banners and tarpaulins.

The annoying measuring is finally history!

No manual reference lines, marking or wet glueing anymore and the best - Car Wrapping can even be done by only one person!

And if you want it even easier, no problem, because we have developed the WrapLaser Set for you.

Yellotools - your innovative partner in Car Wrapping and Signmaking technology!

Car Wrapping Laser Spirit Level Platin Laser from Yellotools

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Platin Laser

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