Product no.: YT12PWSET01

CarWrap Set

This Car Wrapping Set makes the hearts of the Signmaking technicians beat faster

instead of 99,03 only 89,90

To further increase the enjoyment of Car Wrapping and Signmaking Technology, we have put together two more Tool Sets for you at special prices this month.

Everything you need for a professional Vehicle Foiling

Many of you longed for a Car Wrapping Tool Set that includes the most important small tools, such as WrapSticks, Squeegees or even Cutters, for a perfecly Vehicle Foiling. You know us ... we make your dreams come true. That's why we've put together this 14-piece Car Wrapping Set for you.

This makes the successful Wrap Job a breeze.

Of course, all parts of this Signmaking Technician Set are available individually in our Online Shop!

Included in the set are:

Yellotools - ideas and innovation for Signmaking Technology and professional Car Wrapping

Tool bag CarWrap Set with car wrapping tools from Yellotools

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CarWrap Set
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