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LacyTips HD

The Reinforced Dentist Tool for Car Wrapping at hard-to-reach Places

Sometimes a squeegee or our WrapSticks are not enough for car wrapping. If you need to lift rubber lips, gaskets, sealing strips, or decorative covers to put the vinyl under, you sometimes need a massive steel car wrapping tool.

Improved LacyTip HD – Problems with Lifting Rubber Lips are over with this Heavy-Duty Car Wrapping Tool

Many professional CarWrappers love our popular LacyTips for vehicle wrapping. However, they still asked for a more massive and stronger version.

With the new LacyTips HD you can concentrate all the power on one point! They are available in two different versions, so you always have the right Car Wrapping Tool at hand.

LacyTip HD L = blue

LacyTip HD XL = red

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Lifting tool LacyTip HD from Yellotools for car wrapping in two different versions

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LacyTips HD

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