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YelloCase Z-WrapSet

Putting Toolsets together is always a tricky thing, since your individual preferences are often pretty different. That´s why we love it even more, if we get your Set “Recommendations”. Our great friend and incredible Wrapmaster Zigrid Tijunelis with Signmakertools Canada showed us his favourite little Toolbox for Carwrap Applications and insoired us to this Casebox. Many of you know Zigfrid from his numerous Videos on YouTube and so you know, that this guy has his sh*** together 😊

Many thanx, dear Zigfrid for your Passion and your endless inspirations :-)

You can also assemble your own individual kit and talk to us about it. We ALWAYS love your Feedback. Of course, you can purchase each item in the set individually and even the little Zipperpouch is available without any content.

Included in the set:

  •     1x YelloCase 6
  •     1x TonnyMag green 4"
  •     1x YelloWing SlimSkin Microfine 4"
  •     1x Beavertail orange
  •     1x Beavertail gold
  •     1x WrapStick Sloan Peekaboo
  •     1x WrapStick Wing Poly
  •     1x WrapStick Flex Teflon
  •     1x YelloCut Master
  •     1x YelloPen
  •     1x Wrap Defender
  •     1x ProWrap Mini Fun Orange

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YelloCase Z-WrapSet

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YelloCase Z-WrapSet

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