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WrapSlipCut Clipper

Carwrapping Knife Guidance for Vinyl Cutting

This knife guidance is our a cutting spacer and an improvement of our WrapSlipCut Mini. By extending its handle to the heel of the hand a much better handling and a more precise guidance of the cutting tool are guaranteed.

Even there is the "Mini", we recommend definitely the Clipper version! :)

Cutting Spacer for a professional Vehicle Wrapping

You will find that with the carwrapping knife guidance for the vinyl cutting much less mistakes in the cutting of the foils occurr. Thus your cutting results can be significantly cleaner. But also our YelloGuide Flexi offers best services to you, have a look at it.

It's your choice ... :)

Incidentally, a perfect complement to this Car Wrapping tool is the fully equipped YelloCase.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping knife guidance and cutting spacer WrapSlipCut Clipper by Yellotools for professional vinyl cutting

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WrapSlipCut Clipper
WrapSlipCut Clipper | Application Example 1 | Yellotools
WrapSlipCut Clipper | Application Example 2 | Yellotools
WrapSlipCut Clipper | Application Example 3 | Yellotools

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