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WrapSlipCut Mini

Cutting the Vinyl Parallel is very easy with this Car Wrapping Cutting Aid

The Car Wrapping Tool WrapSlipCut Mini is a blessing for any sign maker. Thanks to this ingenious car wrapping cutting aid, cutting the vinyl parallel to a line of the car is child's play.

Clean distance cuts in one move! :)

Of course every CarWrapper chooses his tools individually. However, we definitely recommend the improved version WrapSlipCut Clipper. If that does not hit your taste either, you try cutting the vinyl parallel with our WrapSlipCut MagicMaster or WrapStraight Cut.

Yellotools has something for every taste! :)

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

CarWrapping Cutting Aid WrapSlipCut Mini by Yellotools for cutting vinyl parallel

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WrapSlipCut Mini

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