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The temperature scanner for the WRAPGUN II

Temperature sensitive workpieces must be handled with extreme care. With this perfectly shaped attachment scanner you are on the safe side when carwrapping. It can be used anywhere, as it has its own power supply and a well readable display.

Reliable temperature monitoring for perfect car wrapping

During vehicle foiling with the hot air blower, the temperature of the workpiece surface is precisely monitored by means of an LED beam. If the ideal temperature is exceeded or undershot, an audible signal sounds and the color of the display changes.

Carwrapping professionals can even go one step further and adjust the tolerance of the temperature range individually, or even turn off the audible and visual warning.

The only tiny downer is the display of the current measuring range - the energy-saving LED light shows you the measuring range approximately "Euro coins big". No problem for the experienced professional. For beginners in carwrapping, however, we recommend one of our Hand-Temper or even better the YelloShuttle.

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Temperature scanner TemperScan for the new WrapGun II from Yellotools

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