Product no.: YT09WJST01

WrapJet Easy SpareTank

WrapJet Easy SpareTank - the ammo for your professional Car Wrapping Tool

Anyone who values ​​accurate Vehicle Foiling relies on the unbeatable gas flame. Of course you have to reload your "gun" even when Car Wrapping. That's why we offer you the WrapJet Easy SpareTank, our gas replacement cartridge for the WrapJet Easy-Set.

Quality makes the difference when it comes to Vehicle Foiling

In addition to the cool appearance, when you ignite the gas flame during the Car Wrapping, the quality also plays a major role. In contrast to the cheap gas replacement cartridges, our filling is a very H2O-poor mix and guarantees a "stutter-free" gas flame. So you are able to apply your Vehicle Foiling perfectly. And with the WrapJet HeatGun Head, you can turn your "gas gun" into a professional hot air gun in the twinkling of an eye.

  • High quality replacement gas cartridge
  • Tank capacity: 336 g
  • H2O-poor gas mix
  • "Stutter-free" gas flame

Yellotools - We offer you the perfect equipment for Car Wrapping


Attention for the delivery to Switzerland!!!

Due to changed transport regulations (dangerous goods), this product can currently only be shipped to Switzerland on request!

We kindly ask for your understanding.

H2O-poor replacement gas cartridge for the WrapJet Easy | Carwrapping with Yellotools

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