Product no.: YT15WJHG01

WrapJet HeatGun Head

Hot air gun without disturbing cables for Car Wrapping and Signmaking Technology

It's finally available - the attachment for the gas-powered hot air gun.

With the Car Wrapping tool "WrapJet HeatGun Head", the gas flame which is popular with Car Wrapping professionals is now even more similar to the use of the electrical powered hot air gun - but without annoying cables and without any warm-up phases. The outcomming hot air heats up to the same extent as a regular electric hot air device.

Of course you get this fabulous tool in our practical Car Wrapping Set as well or you can put spare bottles on stock.

Yellotools - The supplier for Car Wrapping specialists!

WrapJet HeatGun Head Carwrapping hot air attachment for gas torch from Yellotools

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WrapJet HeatGun Head
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