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Little helper, big impact - ideas and solutions for Vehicle Foiling

At the last gluing seminar at Yellotools, exceptional talent Robin Bös showed us what problems can arise in the beginning of Vehicle Foiling. Robin continuously told us to guide the squeegee at a "30 ° angle" to the foil! But where on earth is this 30 degree line and how can I discipline myself to stick to that line in Car Wrapping?

Tuning for the Car Wrapping squeegee - this is how it works with the Foiling

The solution came quickly. Robin marked this imaginary line on our squeegee. How simple was that? All of a sudden, the foiling was totally easy and we were able to glue large webs "crease-free" during Car Wrapping.

Ingenious Car Wrapping Tool for beginners and professionals

These suggestions gave our team the idea to develop this simple but ingenious Car Wrapping Tool - the 30WrapGuide was born. With this 30 degree template and the matching, waterproof EasyDot WindowDry, you can quickly and easily draw a "cheat sheet" on your squeegee. So you manage a wrinkle-free application of the slides.

Our tip: A real MUST-HAVE in any starter set, even if you already have our WrapTower PowerPack.

But, of course, diehard professionals in the Signmaking industry also love such simplifications! :)

Yellotools - The best Tools for Car Wrapping and Signmaking!

Material: plastic
Price: per piece
Product Type: squeegee maker aid
Included: 1 pcs
30 degree template 30WrapGuide for your Car Wrapping squeegee from Yellotools

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