Product no.: YT15FLM01

Fineline MASK

Reliable Masking Tape for professional Car Wrapping

Paint expert Michael Interthal from Windeck (Germany) gave us the idea. He always uses high quality Japanese Masking Tape when it needs to be accurate. For professional Car Wrapping this crepe tape is therefore ideally suited.

Crepe Tape for Sign Maker Technicians with highest demands

The professional painter's crepe tape can be removed without residue from most surfaces for up to 6 months after use. It still closes its margins more tightly than conventional masking tape from the building center. With the cutter you can even easily cut out contours of it.

Michael said that it certainly adheres to the surface even on difficult, slightly greasy surfaces, that have not been treated thoroughly enough with the cleaner. Thanks to these unique advantages, it has also made the leap into our catalog.

The professional tape is 50m long and 19mm wide. Other dimensions are available on request!

Yellotools - your professional supplier for Sign Making Technology and Car Wrapping

Professional masking tape for car wrapping and sign making by Yellotools

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