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Fineline Tape

If you’re a serious Pinhead, Air(brush)head, etc, you already know. If not, here’s the deal:  Not all tapes are the same. Not even close.

(Yellotools management apology:  Sorry for the sign-snob attitude. Sure. We’re former sign-makers. And normally we’re not all up in your face about it. But there’s something about cheap tape that just makes us crazy.)

Short description: this is the good stuff.  Here is why ... it handles like a dream. It won’t pull up when you don’t want it to. It will pull up – cleanly! – when you do want it to.  So instead of using bad language, you can focus on your craft.

• FineLine  Krepp  18mm  x  50m
• FineLine  Tape  3mm  x  33m
• FineLine  Tape  6mm x 33m
• FineLine  Tape  9mm  x  33m
• FineLine  Tape  12mm  x  33m

Fineline Tape
Yello Fineline:

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Fineline Tape

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