Product no.: YT16LTT01

LacyTip Teflon

Car Wrapping Tool with Teflon coating

Tadahiro Kiriu from, Tokyo, suggested to add a Teflon coating to our popular and best-selling LacyTip Red. This makes the Car Wrapping much easier, because this modification increases the sliding properties of the material enormously.

Tool for Vehicle Foiling at difficult to reach places

Lifting rubber seals or working on undercuts? No problem…

With this unique Car Wrapping Tool, Vehicle Foiling really gets perfect. You can now easily press on foils either under sealing rubbers or at difficult to reach places, such as in headlamp areas or tiny gaps.

Try it for yourself - it just works great!

Finally, a little tip from our side: With the YelloBelt ProWrap you have your tools for Vehicle Wrapping always at hand. :)

Yellotools - Innovation for Car Wrapping and Sign Making Technology!

Teflon coated Car Wrapping Tool LacyTip from Yellotools for pressing on and lifting at difficult to reach places

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LacyTip Teflon

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