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MagTool Tray

Magnetic Tool Tray for CarWrapper and Sign Makers

LEAN and KAIZEN teach us to avoid wastage. Considering this, searching for tools is a big "no go". However, a professional tool tray can quickly improve this situation. What could be better than designing a magnetic tool tray that keeps your CarWrapping tools safe right where you need them?

Who knows Yellotools knows that we are developing more and more tools for the sign making industry, so that you always have your Car Wrapping Tools where you really need them.

In this case, we have designed a high-quality and stable tool tray with strong magnets for use on vehicles. In this magnetic tool tray you can easily "park" your squeegees or cutting tools for car wrapping.

Thanks for this ingenious idea to Axel Werner of :)

By the way, in our Sign Making Online Shop you also get a fully equipped Car Wrapping tool trolley.

Yellotools - Innovation for Car Wrapping and Sign Making

Magnetic Tool Tray MagTool Tray for CarWrapping Tools from Yellotools

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MagTool Tray

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