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PowerTape Acrylic Clear

Glue Acrylic Sheets together - Yellotools double-sided adhesive tape solves your problems

Transparent, double-sided adhesive tape from Yellotools for Sign Making and Car Wrapping is the transparent glue with the "Aha Effect". Glue acrylic sheets together becomes a real child's play. You will look in vain for traces of the glue, because they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Acrylic bond made easy - Adhesive tape for Sign Making

The double-sided adhesive tape PowerTape Acrylic Clear is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor use due to its weather resistance. It is also UV-resistant and moisture resistant. With this power tape welding or fusing together of the acryllic plates is no longer necessary. Of course we also offer the professional cleaning agents for pretreatment in our Car Wrapping Shop.

You'll be amazed! :)

The adhesive tape for acrylic sheets is 33m long and 19mm wide. Other dimensions can be offered on request.

And if holes need to be drilled, you will certainly like our P-Glas Drill Set. Among our Sign Making tools for deburring & finishing you will find plenty of other useful tools for working with acrylic glass.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Weather-resistant double-sided adhesive tape for Sign Making from Yellotools for gluing acrylic sheets

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PowerTape Acrylic Clear

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