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PowerTape Indoor Foam

Power Tape Indoor Foam by Yellotools - The double-sided Car Wrapping Tape with Foam Carrier

Yellotools' "PowerTape Indoor Foam" double sided adhesive tape with foam backing has been specially developed for the indoor use. Due to its extreme adhesive power, this tape with foam carrier can withstand even extremely high loads.

For this reason, it is also ideal as a Car Wrapping tape and of course also generally for the Sign Making technology.

The Indoor Adhesive Tape with Foam Backing for Professionals in Car Wrapping & Sign Making

The PowerTape Indoor Foam is an extremely strong indoor adhesive tape with foam carrier that allows permanent indoor bonding. Due to its special composition, it withstands extremely high shear forces.

With this tape your connection is bombproof! :)

With this adhesive tape with foam carrier you can partially replace riveting, welding, gluing and other permanent connections. Of course, this high quality tape can be easily applied to wood, metal, glass and many plastics.

For sure we have this double-sided indoor tape as an outdoor version for you, too. And if you would like to have a fully equipped tool cart right away, you will also find the WrapTower PowerPack in our CarWrapping Shop. So your squeegees, cutting tools or cleaning products are always well stored.

Incidentally, this CarWrapping adhesive tape with foam carrier is 50m long and 19mm wide. Other dimensions we can offer you on request.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Double-sided adhesive Car Wrapping Tape with foam carrier for permanent indoor connections by Yellotools

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PowerTape Indoor Foam
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