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PreStretch Meter

Overstretching Vinyls during Car Wrapping becomes child's play with Yellotools

According to Car Wrapping professional Chris Cook, overstretching vinyls is one of the main reasons for complaining about car wrapping. Many high-quality, casted vinyls can be stretched by more than 100% and thus deform perfectly. In corrugations, you should be extremely careful, because there are very narrow overstretching limits.

Since the shear forces are particularly large here, a certain vinyl overstretching may not be exceeded. Your vinyl supplier can tell you the exact percentage. Don’t hesitate to aks, because some of the values here are just 25-40%!

Easy Determination of the Overstretching Limits for your Vinyl during Vehicle Foiling

But how do you determine in advance the necessary vinyl overstretching for a corrugation, to decide whether you can cover it over and treat it with the hot air gun or whether the foil must be incorporated here?

It's easy with the Yellotools PreStretch Meter! :)

Calculate the Expected Vinyl Overstretching quickly and precisely

With Ruler "A" you measure the total length of the corrugation, for example 15 units. That's your value "A". After that, put Ruler "B" in the middle of the corrugation and work the red adhesive band exactly in the bead. The more accurate you work here, the more precise your result becomes. When you're done, you can exactly see how much shorter the tape is now. This is your "value B", for example 4 units. Now divide the value B by value A and multiply this by 100. The result is the percentage of the vinyl overstretching (example 4:15 x 100 = 27%).

Afterwards you can decide the further steps. And if you want to pay attention to the working temperature when using the hot air gun, you should take a look at our YelloShuttle or directly grab the YelloShuttle Set.

Thanks again Chris Cook and Bernd Hasenbach, you rock! :)

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Device for the calculation of the vinyl overstretching during CarWrapping PreStretch Meter from Yellotools

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PreStretch Meter

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