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Lifting Rubber Gaskets is a Breeze with this Car Wrapping Tool

The Yellotools RubberLift is specially designed to lift gaskets. For this it is the undisputed Car Wrapping Tool #1. The sophisticated design ensures that the gasket will not get damaged.

A signmaker tool everyone should have in the toolbox! :)

If that's still missing, you should take a look in our category tool organization.

Lift Gaskets during Car Wrapping - Easy with Yellotools

The RubberLift is not just there for lifting rubber gaskets in car wrapping. It can also be used to push the vinyl into body gaps and grooves.

This makes this Car Wrapping Tool a real all-rounder! :)

And if you have to cut your vinyl close to rubber gaskets, our WrapSlipCut Clipper or the WrapStraight Cut is guaranteed to be a huge help.

Yellotools - Innovation for Signmaking and Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping Tool RubberLift from Yellotools for lifting rubber gaskets

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