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CarWrapping shaped wire for copying vehicle contours

Andreas Tank asked us to make a profile wire. His advice was to produce a flexible but strong wire, with which he can copy the vehicle contours and outer dimensions of the vehicle parts and transfer them in advance to his vinyl.

Even professionals misjudge without a form wire and cut the film too close! :)

With the Profile Wire WrapBend-it by Yellotools you are on the Safe Side

With the use of our profile wire "WrapBend-it", problems with copying vehicle contours are now a thing of the past. This shaped wire is made of anodised aluminum and is extremely flexible due to its special profile. It can be reused and measures a total length of two meters.

And if the contours are a bit lower, you'll still be comfortable on our LowRider. The BlackMamba will surely come in handy as a flexible cutting ruler.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping Shaped Wire WrapBend-it from Yellotools for copying vehicle contours

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