Product no.: YT17WBI01


(DbS Andreas Tank) – Never ceases to amaze us with his simple yet inventive ideas! It’s no wonder he is a true car wrap professional in Germany and of course we love that he is a proud customer of Yellotools. Andreas commissioned us to produce a fl exible, yet stable wire, with which he could copy the contours and outer dimensions of shapes and transfer them to his fi lm in advance. Even the top pro’s sometimes guess wrong and make a cut too short to leave an annoying part of your project uncovered but with the use of our Wrap Bend-it there’s no more guessing! The Wrap Bend-it wire is made of orange anodised aluminum and is extremely fl exible thanks to its special cut with perfect stability. It can often be reused and measures a total length of 2 meters.This is a perfect buddy to carry in your tool bag! :)

Length: 2m


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