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Car Wrapping Finger Glove for Professional Sign Making

Some of our customers said that a car wrapping glove with five fingers is absolutely superfluous when it comes to vehicle foiling. In fact, you only need a glove for one finger to press the vinyl. Removal of vinyl, fine-tuning or even the replacement of knife blades drives some once in a while crazy.

We would not be Yellotools if we did not care about this problem! :)

Here is the Ultimate Solution: The Finger Glove for Sign Makers - WrapFinger!

The CarWrapping Glove for One Finger

Simply pull the WrapFinger over one or two fingers to give the vinyl the right pressure during Car Wrapping. Thanks to the glove for one finger, all other fingers are free and flexible for other activities. Due to its seamless processing and high-quality material, the robust Car Wrapping finger glove WrapFinger slides optimally over the vinyl and laminate. This glove for one finger is perfectly suitable for dry and wet bonding.

And the best for last - it is reusable! :)

The WrapFingers are available assorted by colors or individually in a pack of 5 or 10. But if you prefer a Car Wrapping glove with five fingers, you'll love our YelloGloves Pro-X or the YelloGloves.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

CarWrapping Finger Glove WrapFinger by Yellotools in different colors

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