Product no.: YT10YCNE01


Problem: Nano Coatings resists dirt – and vinyl adhesive!
Solution: Yellotools creates the first Nano remover: Nano Ex!

We hear this more and more – our customer says, "The vinyl comes off the back window!" Why? Nano Coating. Even if you don't know what it is, you may know the problem.

Nano-coating is an amazing technology, eliminating the need for environmentally-harmful cleaners and improving visibility for greater safety. But the inventors never thought about the need to stick vinyl on the window. So we went to the scientist who created the molecular surface technology, and together we created the world's first Nano remover.

New technologies create new problems, or as we believe, new challenges. This challenge is now in the past; use Nano Ex and yourvinyl sticks like before!

Attention, by delivery to Switzerland!
Because of new transportation regulations for dangerous goods this product can be shipped only on special request to Switzerland!

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