The right Cleaning Wipes for Car Wrapping and Sign Making

Nothing is worse than a shoddy cleaning cloth or dust wipes that are even pilling. Therefore, we offer you in our Sign Making Shop high quality wipes for cleaning, so a smooth flow of work is guaranteed. On top of that, our cleaning wipes are not only ideal for Car Wrapping, but also offer you much more. [read more]

YelloFleece Pro

Toweletts are üerfectly made for soaking up water!
60 towels per dispenser


YelloFleece Pro

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Yellowipe Air

"Yellowipe Air" soaks up twice as much water as usual toweletts, because of its special structure!


Yellowipe Air

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At Yellotools you will find the perfect cloth for a thorough cleaning

As a sign maker you have a hard time finding the perfect cleaning cloth for your job. Because one thing is certain, it must be a lint-free and highly absorbent cleaning wipe.

So neither lint, nor residues of the detergent remain on the surface. The YelloFleece Pro meets exactly these requirements and is even suitable for wringing out. And of course we also have the matching magnetic holder for this cloth box in our online shop.

You see, even wiping can be fun with Yellotools! :)

An Highly Absorbent Wiping Paper with Exceptional Drying Performance

A conventional dust wipe or cellulose cleaning wipes are usually not suitable for use in Sign Making technology, or even in Car Wrapping. Our Yellowipe Air is different. The integrated "air cushions" in the fiber structure of the wipes can absorb more than twice as much water than commonly used cloths. At the same time, this highly absorbent cleaning cloth always remains extremely tear-resistant, which means you will need fewer cloths for the same job.

So you can do something for the environment even as a sign maker! :)

By the way, these wipes are also included in our WrapTower PowerPack, the fully equipped Car Wrapping tool trolley.

A Professional Sign Maker needs High-Quality Dust Wipes for perfect Results

Since dust is one of the biggest enemies of the Sign Making technology, the quality of the dust wipes should not be neglected. That's why we have developed the so-called "honey wipes" further.

The result is the YelloDusty, a high-quality dust wipe that has no equal. Due to its special composition, it is ideal as a duster for all advertising signs and vehicles. It does not dry out and is antistatic as well.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

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