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The best Detergents and Wipes for Cleaning in Sign Making

At Yellotools, we know how important thorough and professional cleaning is for Sign Making and Car Wrapping. In our Sign Making Shop we offer you the best detergents for Car Wrapping, even for antistatic cleaning. Because vinyls or digital prints on your car or an advertising sign will adhere dependably only on a clean, grease-free surface.

Especially for Car Wrapping an Antistatic Cleaning is worth a lot

Who doesn’t know these ugly dust inclusions during car wrapping? But this doesn’t have to be with the right detergent. We offer you everything for a professional, antistatic cleaning.

If you still use the old, sticky "honey wipes", you should take a look at our YelloDusty. This leaves no annoying residues on the paint and the dust is reliably removed. And the Antistatic Fluid finally puts an end to even the heaviest static charge.

Of course, you can also just take our anti-static cleaning set, because here is everything in it, what you really need for an antistatic cleaning.

With Yellotools you’ll fight the dust! :)

Professional detergents for Sign Making and Vehicle Foiling

As a sign maker you would prefer to work in a clean room. But the right Sign Making detergents will work well, too.

For stubborn nano sealings, you only need our NanoEx. It removes the nano sealing easily and cleans the paint reliably, so it is ready for Car Wrapping in an instant.

Also your X-treme Mat products, like the MagicStick X-treme, have to be cleaned from time to time. The GeckoClean is ideal for this and your special sign making tools are adhere on the surface again, as on the first day.

For really stubborn glue residues we have included the YelloOrange Aerosol in our Sign Making Shop. You can get it in the EasyClean Set together with professional cleaning wipes and the YelloBlade Orange.

With Yellotools you'll eliminate even the worst glue residues! :)

Cleaning Wipes & Accessories for a successful Cleaning - With Yellotools you are well equipped

Starting with the professional pressure pump atomizer, up to the magnetic box for your cleaning wipes, we offer you all useful accessories for the Sign Making technology.

Thanks to their exceptional drying performance, the pulp wipes Yellowipe Air should not be missing in any Sign Making workshop. That's why you'll find it in our fully equipped CarWrapping Tool Trolley as well.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

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