Product no.: YT19BB930

BlackBlades 9mm 30°

Special Cutter Replacement Blades - BlackBlades by Yellotools

You are desperately looking for extra sharp cutter blades? Here is our solution when extra sharpness is needed!

Of course, we have also sent these cutter replacement blades to signmaking professionals all over the world in order to test them. The feedback was unanimous: Wow, we have never had such sharp blades! :)

And the best thing is, the practical safety dispenser box with the 10 cutter replacement blades really fits into any signmaker tool bag.

Extra Sharp Cutter Blades - The best blades for Signmaking

The cutter replacement blades "BlackBlades" by Yellotools offer you a perfect combination of features that will make your signmaker life much easier. Thanks to the intelligent combination of special high-carbon blade steel and an optimized grinding geometry, high-tech extra sharp cutter blades could be created.

Because nothing is good enough for you! :)

The advantages at a glance:

  • 10 extra sharp cutter blades in a security dispenser box
  • Special blade steel with an high amount of carbon
  • Cutting geometry: single-edged with double-facetted grinding on both sides
  • 6 snap-off segments
  • Suitable for: YelloCut Slim, YelloCut Master, YelloCut M Pro

By the way, you can read everything worth knowing about blades in the Yellotools blade guide.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Material: carbon
Color: black
Price: per packing unit
Features: extremely sharp
Product Type: 30° Blades
Included: 10 pcs
Extra Sharp Cutter Blades BlackBlades 9mm by Yellotools

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