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SpareBlades Cera 59° 5er

A Ceramic Blade should be the First Choice for Cutting in Signmaking

Here we have for you the unbeatable ceramic replacement blades for our special cutter knife, the YelloCut Cera, in a pack of 5.

Curious? Then just have a look at the YelloCut Cera and convince yourself of the outstanding features, when a ceramic blade comes into play.

Spoiler alarm - you will be amazed! :)

Ceramic Replacement Blades for the professional Signmakers

These ceramic replacement blades should, in addition to the matching gloves for sign makers, always be available in your tool cart.

Material Composition:

  • 95.20% ZrO2 (zirconium oxide)
  • 3.84% Y2O3 (yttrium oxide)
  • 0.54% Al2O3 (aluminum oxide)
  • 0.42% SiO2 (silicon oxide)

Attention: Please remember that our ceramic replacement blades are only suitable for the YelloCut Cera. The blade thickness is slightly thicker than that of steel blades.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Material: Ceramic
Price: per packing unit
Features: Rust-free , extremely sharp
Product Type: Cutter, adjustable , Knife
Included: 5 pcs
Extremely sharp ceramic replacement blades SpareBlades Cera 59° 5er by Yellotools

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SpareBlades Cera 59° 5er
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