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CuttingMat X-Shift Infinity

Patchwork Cutting Mat for professional Sign Makers

If the dimensions of our Cutting Mat Crystal or Antistatic of a maximum of 2.2 x 20 meters are not enough, you will find just the right thing here. The Yellotools patchwork Cutting Mat "X-Shift Infinity" offers you a puzzle-like endless system. Hereby you alone decide when the perfect width and length of your Cutting Pad is reached.

Green Cutting Pad with professional scaling

The patented system of the green Cutting Pad guarantees perfect flatness. Thus working with the cutting ruler and the cutting tools is child's play - your cutting becomes perfect. The intelligent connectors make slipping almost impossible. The professional scale of the Cutting Mat is 55 x 86 cm, whereby the basic element itself occupies an area of 60.8 x 91.3 cm.

Cutting Mat to puzzle with excellent cutting properties

The composition of this Patchwork Cutting Mat is really simple. Just order the number of basic elements you need. Then you only need the appropriate number of end pieces, side connectors and centerpieces. In this way you will get your individual Cutting Mat from Yellotools, in the usual high quality.

Available as:

  • X-Shift Infinity “Base”
  • Connector "Corner"
  • Connector "Twin"
  • Connector "Cross”
  • Connector "Set" (4x Corner, 4x Twin, 1x Cross)
  • Infinity Set 2 pcs. (2x Infinity Base, 4x Corner, 2x Twin)
  • Infinity Set 4 pcs. (4x Infinity Base, 4x Corner, 4x Twin, 1x Cross)

Yellotools - Your supplier for professional Cutting Mats at favorable prices!

Green Patchwork Cutting Mat with professional scaling from Yellotools
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