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CuttingMat XXL "Antistatic" | 1.3m Width

Cutting Mat XXL with antistatic surface

Professional Sign Makers need a professional Cutting Pad as well as high quality Cutting Tools. The large Cutting Mat with antistatic surface from Yellotools should not be missed here. Whether cuts with cutter or rolling knife, the 5 mm thick, flexible and antistatic Cutting Mat provides the perfect surface.

Antistatic Cutting Pad for Signmakers

The antistatic Cutting Pad from Yellotools is made out of a special plastic compound that has been blended to our specifications. It contains no pollutants that endanger your health, but has a decisive advantage: it finally puts an end to the annoying "foil pickles" that are caused by the dust. The special dielectric mixture reduces the static charge many times over. Thus the foiling is perfect!

Self-healing Cutting Mats Made in Germany!

No more mini Cutting Pads that are pieced together. Never again annoying partial cuts. Here you can customize the Cutting Mat to your workplace and that individually. The original Cutting Pad by Yellotools is available in 6 different widths and up to 20 meters in length.

Blue-transparent Cutting Mats from Yellotools stand for the Highest Quality

In the middle, the material density is higher and progressively lower towards the outside. The outbreak of small particles from intersections of your knife lines is thus prevented. This is called the self-healing effect of the Cutting Mat among professional Sign Makers. For sure, our CuttingMat Crystal offers the same advantages regarding the self-healing properties.

Usable on both sides

Due to the material thickness of solid 5 mm and the special material composition an extremely high cutting comfort and an enormously long durability are achieved. On top of that, you can easily double the lifespan by turning the Cutting Pad around. The Mat can be used on both sides!

Cutting Pad usable on your Light Table? No problem!

From day one, Yellotools’ Cutting Mats Antistatic offers an absolute flatness. The blue-transparent Cutting Mats XXL are absolutely resistant to light reflection. Therefore, they can also be used on light tables without any problem. Drawings, graphics, or templates can be positioned protected, but always visible, directly on your workstation. Due to the flatness the cutting process with your cutting ruler is always easy.

Cutting Mat for your Flat-Bed Plotter

Of course, the Yellotools crew did not design the CuttingMat Antistatic just for the Sign Making market in Germany. It can also be used in countless other jobs and is available worldwide! Just test it as a craft pad, to protect the table, workbench or your flat-bed plotter or as a sewing pad. You certainly will not be disappointed!

Fast shipping and worldwide delivery

The large Cutting Mat leaves our warehouse rolled. In this way, the shipping costs are extremely favorable, even with XXL dimensions such as 2.2 x 7 m or 1.5 x 6 m. From 50 kg, the Cutting Mat will be shipped by a forwarding agency. In this case, we will automatically let you know the shipping costs after ordering. Of course, you can also contact us by e-mail or phone.

CuttingMat Antistatic at a glance:

  • Antistatic surface
  • Self-healing effect
  • Widths: 1.0 m, 1.3 m, 1.5 m, 1.7 m, 2.0 m, 2.2 m
  • Length: 1 m up to 20 m
  • 5 mm material thickness
  • Highest cutting comfort
  • Absolute flatness
  • High durability through two-sided use
  • Blue transparent material, also suitable for light tables
  • Light reflection resistant
  • Cut to length on request (tolerance in length and width +/- 2%)

Of course, special dimensions are also available. Please contact us directly by phone [+49 (0)2292-39740-30], by fax [+49 (0)2292-39740-49] or by e-mail. Blanks are excluded from exchange.

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Length: up to 20m
Material: 5mm PVC-soft
Color: blue-transparent
Price: per linear metre
Features: selfclothing surface
Product Type: cutting mat
Blue-transparent antistatic cutting mat with self-healing surface from Yellotools

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CuttingMat XXL

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