Product no.: YT09BLB02

BladeBreaker II

Snap-Off Blade Box for Professional Sign Makers

The integrated snap off device of cutter knives is not bad. But where do you put the broken blade pieces?

  • On the ground? And step on it while working?
  • In the garbage bag? And when "stuffing" the bag cut your hand?

These are not really true alternatives!

The professional solution by Yellotools is called: BladeBreaker II :)

With the snap-off blade box you can easily and safely break off all commercially available snap off blades and make the blade remainders disappear directly into the inside of the blade box. The tiny blade box fits in every tool bag, so you always have it with you!

Dimensions: 2.8cm x 1.20cm x 4.6cm

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Color: orange
Price: per piece
Product Type: blade box
Included: 1 pcs
Snap-off blade box and storage box for broken blade pieces BladeBreaker II by Yellotools

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BladeBreaker II
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