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LongReach Duo Mag

The Arm Extension for Signmakers - Vinyl Cutter with Magnets by Yellotools

This magnetic vinyl cutter has been equipped with strong holding magnets. In this way you can "park" it directly on all magnetic surfaces. Of course, this version of the LongReach Duo is also available as a „Pro Teflon” version with Teflon-coated stilt. Just have a look at the LongReach Duo family.

Certainly there is the right vinyl cutter for everyone! :)

Magnetic Vinyl Cutter for Signmakers

With this vinyl cutter for signmakers it will be easy for you even to perform clean distance cuts. Of course you can also retrofit the practical Teflon stilt. Thanks to the high-quality Teflon coating, this reliably prevents adhesion to open adhesive layers. The vinyl cutter with magnets is available in our signmaking shop in 60cm and 90cm length. Always remember to remove the blade guard before using this signmaker knife.

We are sure you will always find the right signmaker tool! :)

Yellotools - Innovation for Signmaking and Car Wrapping

Length: 60 cm , 90 cm
Price: per piece
Features: teflon coating , Extended handle , Holding Magnets
Product Type: Cutter for push- and pull-cutting
Magnetic vinyl cutter by Yellotools LongReach Duo Mag with extension and strong holding magnets

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LongReach Duo Mag

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