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YelloShear Pro

Extremely sharp Scissors - Professional Cutting Tool for Signmakers

What can you improve on a simple pair of scissors so that it finds its way into the Yellotools catalogue? Since many of you have asked for a "good signmaker scissors", we have of course followed up this question.

Because only the best signmaking tool is good enough for you! :)

For this we tested about a hundred different scissors of all well-known manufacturers for you and had at exactly ONE the absolute “WOW factor”! Why has this pair of scissors such a proud pricing? Well, you will "feel" the answer right after the first cut. Sharp scissors that should not be missing in any signmaker tool bag!

Your Choice - Professional Scissors for Left-Handers or rather Right-Hand?

We're so sure that you'll love this cutting tool as much as we do, that we can give you two weeks of "money back guarantee" on these extremely sharp scissors for signmakers. Of course it is available as scissors for left-handers as well as for right-handed people in our signmaking online shop.

  • Scissors for left-handers (YelloShear Pro L)
  • Scissors for right-handers (YelloShear Pro)

Optionally, you also get a robust leather holster, of course made of real leather and Made in Germany.

A extremely sharp pair of scissors of which our customers are just thrilled! :)

Lawren Petersen of Sierra-Signs, Mesa (Arizona) wrote us the following:

„I love the new Scissors I got from yellotools. From the first moment I picked them up, I could feel the quality. They are so smooth and glide through anything you‘re cutting. I have been looking for a good pair of scissors for a long time.Yellotools has the best I have ever used. Thanks for providing quality tools!“

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Material: Rust-free steel
Price: per piece
Features: Soft-Grip Handle , Ergonomic , Rust-free , extremely sharp
Product Type: Scissors
Extremely sharp scissors for precise cuts in signmaking YelloShear Pro by Yellotools
Product Design:

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YelloShear Pro

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