Product no.: YT15AC001


Gap Cutter to trim applied Vinyl

After the success story of our popular gap cutter, YelloGuideFlexi, our customer Steffen Haag (Fotosatz Haag, Germany) asked for a litte bit different version of this kind of knife. He wanted to cut a gap from about 0.5mm to max. 1.5mm, around a mounted graphic on a sign. Our genius puzzle freak, Stephan Engel ("Angel"), did not sleep until he found the ultimate solution.

Together with Steffen, he designed and produced the AngelCutter. Many thanks to both of you :).

Usable in all directions

“I was looking for a tool, with which I could trim my freshly applied material with less than a millimeter around the edge of the sign - like with the YelloGuideFlexi, but withless distance. The new AngelCutter glides perfectly around the trim, and due to the two blades, I can use it in all directions without changing the blade!”

Material: Aluminium
Price: per piece
Features: exchangeable blade
Product Type: Gap Cutter

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