Product no.: YT15FKP01

Flipper KnifePen

Cutting Tool with a retractable Knife

We found this unique knife system and we liked it so much that we tried everything to offer it to you as well. The standard craft blade slips into the handle when the little button is pressed and slide. There are two blade positions to choose from - or simply stow the blade safely and easily inside the handle.

Needle or Knife - You choose!

The Flipper KnifePen can even be used for weeding as a bubble popper in our fine-needle version FlipperPen .
Needle and blade are, of course, interchangeable. Use our SpareBlade Weeder for this.

  • Two blade positions
  • Retractable Knife Blade
  • Blade is kept safe in the handle
  • Available as fine-needle Version

Perfect for any Tool Pouch or your Service Car.

Price: per piece
Product Type: Cutter, adjustable
Weeder Knife retractable sign maker cutter

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Flipper KnifePen

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