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LongReach Duo Mag Pro Teflon

Attention: Our complete BodyGuardKnife Family has a blade protector, please remove it before use!!!!

Longreach Cutter with Teflon Coating and Holding Magnets

The advantages of the teflon coated cutting bracket of the BodyGuardKnife Pro Teflon applied to our popular LongReach Duo Mag.
From now one, you can decide which Tool of our LongReach Series you might prefer.

Vinyl Cutter Deluxe

Due to the high-end permanent teflon coated glide shoe of the knife, no more sticking on self-adhesive vinyl will occur. Replacement this teflon shoe is not necessary! Easier, faster cuts also through the open liner paper due to perfect gliding abilities. The "Mag Pro" is available in 60cm and 90cm lenght.

We always do our best to fullfill your demands...!


Length: 60 cm , 90 cm
Price: per piece
Features: teflon coating , Extended handle , Holding Magnets
Product Type: Cutter for push- and pull-cutting
Longreach Vinyl Cutting Knife

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LongReach Duo Mag Pro Teflon

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