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SasserCut Pro

Gap Cutter for Car Wrapping Professionals

Roland Sasser, Georgia USA sent us an S.O.S. He was looking for a professional gap-knife that would help him prevent ugly zig-zag cuts on door gaps and fuel-filler doors. So we invented the SasserCut series for him.

Various immersion depths

Since 2017 the SasserCut is only available as a pro version with a depth of 5.3 mm. Of course, you can still order the immersion depths of 6.5 mm and 4.0 mm as well as the plastic version. You only have to replace the rolling elements and not the whole knife.

Optional you can compose your indvidual SasserCut: With the SasserCut Pro Handle and the matching parts of the SasserCut Series you can build the tool you need.

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Product Type: Cutter , Gap Knife
SasserCut, Gap cutter, cutter, gap knife, self centering, knife, door gap

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