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SafetyRuler Classic

Classic Cutting Ruler for Signmakers – More Safety with Yellotools

Unlike other cutting rulers for signmakers, our SafetyRuler Classic has an extra high protection edge. So your hand is reliably protected from injury even with fast, strong cuts with the cutter knife. The cutting ruler has a high-quality rubber coating on the rear side, providing firm support on all smooth surfaces.

Our SafetyRuler Classic is safety at work and pure ergonomics. This will allow you a simple, fast working in signmaking! The cutting ruler "SafetyRuler Classic" is available in any intermediate size up to a max. Length of 16.4 ft (5m). A precise scaling for the safety ruler you can have up to a length of 9.84 ft (3m).

  • Sturdy aluminum
  • Extra high protection edge
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Satin finish
  • "One man operation" even with long cuts
  • Scaling for exact cutting

Special dimensions with a length over 8.2 ft (2,50m) to 16.4 ft (5,00m) are of course available. Simply contact us by phone [+49 (0) 2292 - 39740-30) or by e-mail.

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Length: up to 5m
Material: Aluminium
Price: per linear metre
Product Type: Safety Ruler
Non-slip cutting ruler with extra high protection edge SafetyRuler Classic by Yellotools

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SafetyRuler Classic
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