Product no.: YT11BM


Of course, the material is made of flexible plastic and therefore prone to slices and cuts from sharp blades!

Our black mamba is available in 4 different lengths!
26 cm, 44 cm, 68 cm, and 98 cm

Of course, we supervise the production of our material used in our products, in particular with regard to carcinogenic substances and hazardous plasticizers in plastic blends!

Just like our SPEEDMAG,GENE-IUS MAG, and FLATMAG  we use only the Black Mamba Magnets "Made in Germany" with a special rubber coating that prevents burning vehicles in the paint of your customers! As far as we know, we are the only providers that offer such a guarantee! Please note, especially for white vehicles when using rubberised magnets for your positioning magnets!

Here again the specifics of the product include:

• Super-flexible magnetic guide

• Extremely high bond strength

• Perfect "on-off control"

• "Anti-Spotting Guarantee"

• Available in four different lengths

• 2-in-one customer's idea: Thomas Trittelvitz and Frank Wagner


Keith Vu from Savage Wraps, CA said on the SEMA-Show in Vegas while wrapping a Show-Car: Wow – the BLACK MAMBA is really a life saver!”

Since we are also the manufacturer of this Product, it is of course possible to manufacture any special lengths on request.

Call us  +49 (0) 22 92-921 928 or email us:



Material: PVC
Color: black
Price: per piece
Features: Holding Magnets
Product Type: flexible ruler , magnetic chain
Included: 1 pcs

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