Product no.: YT13BBB001

BoostBox Bucket

The function of the BoostBox Bucket is pretty much the same as its „Big Brother“ the BoostBox Eco.If you just have to outgas single prints every now and then or if lack of space makes it impossible to operate the big one, the BoostBox Bucket is the right choice for you.Just as with the BB Eco, the heavy solvents get sucked away from the print with a constant stream of fresh air.You can route the contaminated air right into your
shop (which we really don´t recommend!) or you can attach exhaust ducts to channel it directly out of the building (which we really recommend!). Capacity: One- to four rolls.

And so it works:


Material: Aluminium , Wood
Price: per piece
Product Type: foil thinner
Included: 1 pcs
BoostBox Bucket

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