Product no.: YT18YBC001

YelloBrush Cap

OK; we admit it. We’re two-in-one tool junkies. But bear with us. Rivets are really a three-tool job; you need heat, holes and a good quality rivet-brush.  And you only have two hands!

So YelloBrush is the real deal. Heat gun or torch in one hand and YelloBrush in the other. Heat it, pop it, brush it – done. Now that’sa time-saver. And it’s super fast and easy. Once you try it, we’ll turn you into a two-in-one tool junking, too!



Material: Wood
Price: per piece
Features: Replaceable needle , 2in1
Product Type: Bubble Popper, retractable , rivet brush
YelloBrush Cap

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YelloBrush Cap
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