Product no.: YT16YSC

YelloSlip Cut

Cutting the edge of graphics on windows, window seals or also on sign materials is probably your bread and butter. We have noticed due to your reactions from various fairs and events that the request to make a tool to help with his job was very high so our master craftsmen and clever tinkerer Peter Rötzel
has come up with this great new Yellotool! Our YelloSlip Cut can be used to make cuts from 0 - 4.9“ and more. You can also se it to make marks or trim on substrates. It‘s the perfect tool for many of your day to day jobs and we are happy to offer this new solution!

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Material: , plastic
Diameter: 0 - 125 mm
Price: per piece
Features: straight cut
Product Type: alignment , Edge cutting aid
Included: 1 pcs
YelloSlip Cut

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YelloSlip Cut

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