Product no.: YT11ECR

EvoCut R

After the big success of our IVOCUT-Idea, we got a lot of calls regarding more various shapes. No sooner said than done: The EVOCUT-SET!
11 different shapes secure a safe and fast Work at Vehicles, Signs or any „free-hand-application“. If there is still a shape missing - give us a call!

The RE and RU-Stencils are made for the same purpose as CE and CU but for all not exposed Brackets or Knobs. Herewith you can cut the Handicap
piece by piece. By the way: The „E“ always stands for „even“ Values and „U“ for „uneven“ Values like 3mm, 5mm and so on.

  • EvoCut RE1 Radii from 6 - 34mm
  • EvoCut RU1 Radii von 5 - 33m

Material: stainless steel
Price: per piece
Features: non-slip
Product Type: contour template
EvoCut R

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EvoCut R
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