Product no.: YT14ICX01

IvoCut X-treme

This material is pure AWESOMENESS. As we´ve „played“ with it, we already knew, that this stuff will change parts of our industry radically. Due to his unique capillary attraction, it holds vinyls, films and even entire toolson flat surfaces (e.g. glas) like crazy. On the other hand side, you can remove it residue-free over and over again

 To let our favourite IvoCut levitate on a window...that´s MAGIC :)


Material: steel , soft pvc
Price: per piece
Features: non-slip
Extras: incl. x-treme mat
Product Type: square , micro suction cup foil , cutting angle
Included: 1 pcs
IvoCut X-treme

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IvoCut X-treme
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