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Steel ruler for complicated corners and angles

Uneven edges with silicone or putty smeared discs? Not with us! This cutting ruler is the ideal helper for all complicated cutting applications in corners and angles. This useful helper was suggested to us by our customer Ivo Heinemann. Ivo often had the problem that the edges of panes or surfaces to be glued over the entire surface were so unevenly ended or smeared by silicone or putty. Accurate cutting or cutting to length of the film or printing in the corners is almost impossible.

Cutting ruler with different radii

So he asked us to please make him a steel ruler with a handle and various radii. So we made a cutting ruler, which has a 90° angle and radii of 1.0, 3.5 and 6.0, so that he can now always have the right template in various corners. With one of our cutting knives you are perfectly equipped for a smooth workflow. A perfect "finish" of his work shows once again the advertising technician professional...!

Thanks Ivo for this brilliant idea :-)

On the 1.5mm thick stainless steel there are anti-slip pads, a stable handle and the special scale on the new cutting ruler that can be marked. If you prefer a different version, take a look at our IvoCut X-treme or the CamCut!

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Material: 1,5mm Edelstahl
Measurements: 20cm x 20cm
Price: per piece
Features: non-slip
Product Type: corner cutting template , cutting ruler
Included: 1 pcs
Radius: 90° , 3.5 , 6.0 , 1.0
Steel ruler with different radii | Yellotools

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