Made in Germany

This award rightly deserves its reputation. In reference to the phiosopher the quality standards of the 60s and 70s, we produce nearly 70% of our products in our factory in the "Windeck countryside" in the beautiful Siegtal. It also makes us so flexible and unique. Customer wishes and ideas can be implemented directly by us.

We have a fully equipped carpentry shop with CNC flatbed cutting, saws and other machines. In addition, we operate 4 separate injection molding machines from 15 tons to 85 tons of clamping force and a 4-axis CNC milling machine for steel and aluminum.

We print our own tools, with modern, fully automatic pad printing machines. Our advertising and product testing department is equipped with plotters and Eco-Sovent digital printers. We draw all our CNC data in its own design department, our in-house graphics department that consists of two professional media designers all DTP data for print and NON-print.

We strive for an ecologically-valuable production and experiment with German test institutes etc. of biodegradable plastic products. One of our plastic products has already confirmed the status of "completely biodegradable" received from a renowned German institute, which is so far unique in the world. Of course, our production facility in Wilberhofen with a photovoltaic system is equipped with what we can produce our own green electricity.

Unfortunately we can not (yet) perform all work in our own house. However, we first look for local businesses in the region, we can provide the missing technology before we expand the search to other countries. Yet we import various goods and semifinished products now from China, India, Turkey, the USA etc. We're on our way to becoming a self-sufficient enterprise that can produce semi-independent from suppliers to its portfolio itself. We are very proud and do so regardless of the economic situation of individual companies outsource.

Our subcontracting companies - most in Asia - we are regularly visited and inspected without notice. We next examined the quality of the products that employees can work there under reasonable conditions and minor or even no children are employed in the factories! We work with special schools for disabled teenagers as well as with local correctional facilities and also store work out here at the workshop facilities. In 2009 we were awarded an innovation prize for one of our products, and stood together with the 3M Company and Lufthansa on a pedestal.

There's even a rock and roll song that was written for us by our clients / our industry and voiced!



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